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MMIM, (Miss & Mister International Models) is a qualitative Belgian pageant for men and women. MMIM combines the Miss/Mister pageant with its own modeling agency. For example, all candidates who participate in the pageant are also registered as models.
MMIM strives to develop and prepare the candidates for the pageant and modeling industry by providing them professional training. The candidates grow both professionally and personally. The winners of the trajectory will be announced during a grand finale show. The winners will be able to represent Belgium internationally in the world’s biggest international pageants and will be the face of MMIM for a year.


The winners of our show get to represent Belgium internationally in the world’s biggest international pageants, such as:

  • Miss Supranational
  • Miss Planet
  • Miss Eco International
  • Miss Eco Teen International
  • Miss Elite
  • Mister Supranational
  • Manhunt International
  • Mister Grand International
  • Mister Global
  • Mister Globe
  • Man Of The World
  • Mister Model International

Abroad, our national winners compete for international titles. There they can often win large amounts of money, fame and other gifts. In the international pageants, candidates from all over the world come together to promote tourism and be ambassadors for a better world in addition to doing a beauty pageant.


Within the MMIM trajectory, the candidates take several photo sessions, media training and catwalk training under the guidance of professional coaches. Various activities are also organized to strengthen the group bond and to increase self-confidence. During the process, the candidates are actively promoting MMIM and its sponsors. Each trajectory lasts 3 months and is concluded with a final show. After the final show, all candidates are officially registered as professional models in our model database and those of our partners.

Final Show

During the final show, the candidates are judged by an expert jury during various rounds. For our candidates, the final show is THE time to be discovered as a model. For example, there are model scouts from various (inter)national modeling agencies present. The show is complemented by high-quality entertainment, sales stands, a wide range of food and drinks, fashion shows, acrobatic acts and an after party. Our sponsors are also optimally involved during the show. The event is widely promoted on social media. There will also be a livestream on the facebook page of MMIM and Missosology (a pageant page with more than 1.6 million followers worldwide).

Our next show will be announced soon, watch this page. We expect to receive at least 800 guests present. The target group of the public present is diverse and can be compared with the entire Belgian society. Majority of attendees come to the show to support their favored candidate. Of course, we hope to convince the audience present to attend future shows through our qualitative and innovative approach.

Photo gallery

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