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Who we are

The Miss & Mister International Models organization is a national pageant for male and female models. Our national winners will represent Belgium in the biggest international pageants: Man Of The World, Mister Model International, Mister International and Manhunt International for men. And for women; World Beauty Queen and Miss Model Of The Universe. During the international pageant, our national titleholders will compete against dozens of other models from different nationalities around the world, all trying to win the international title.

What makes us different from other national pageants is that despite that we are a pageant, we also work together with national and international model agencies and fashion companies. At the same time, clients can book our models through our own website, which makes us a model agency/agent as well. All of our models get personally trained by our organization to make them ready for the model and media industry. We give our models a full portfolio, catwalk and media trainings, stage experience, food and fitness coaching, beauty treatments and connections within the modelling world to give them opportunities.

Our mission

The Miss & Mister International Models organization offers a trajectory of 4 months. Within this trajectory, the chosen finalists learn all the tricks they need to work in the model and media industry. The organization offers their finalists the experience in personal growth, professionality to become inspiring leaders and role models. Also, it creates new opportunities towards success.
One of the biggest obstacles which keep young people away from their dream career, is the lack of perseverance and self-confidence. Within our organization, the finalists and title holders learn how to be confident, inspiring and persevering in any goal they choose to pursue.

The finalists and title holders chosen by our organization are potential models / actors / presenters / television personalities who, in addition to their external beauty and personal goals, are actively involved in humanitarian issues and have a voice for positive improvement in the world. Our men are forward-thinking and motivated not only to talk about social problems, but also to implement them in a solving form.


National director: Hamdi Mahouk

Hamdi Mahouk won in 2018 Mister Adventure Benelux and was gifted with the national titles; Mister Sympathy, Manhunt International Belgium, Mister International Belgium and Mister Model Belgium. ‘Mahouk’ competed himself in the international pageants; Mister International, Manhunt International and Mister Model, where he won the international title Mister Best Model Europe. Because of this, ‘Mahouk’ started a career as a model, which he is still currently doing in and outside the country. Through the experiences and the many journeys, ‘Mahouk’ made a lot of national and international contacts within the modelling industry.

‘Mahouk’ originally graduated as an entrepreneur, saw the opportunity to start his own pageant, which he called: Mister International Belgium. In collaboration with his many connections in the fashion business, ‘Mahouk’ turned Miss & Mister International Models in a big successful male beauty pageant

Manager & organisator: Judith de Wilde de Ligny

In 2013, Judith de Wilde de Ligny was scouted by a model agency on the streets in Amsterdam. She works as a professional model and presenter ever since. After finishing her studies (fashion styling and digital designer) in 2018, ‘Ligny’ started working as a fulltime model abroad and is signed by different international model agencies. Next to, being a model, ‘Ligny’ is also a miss, who won multiple national titles. ‘Ligny’ went twice to an international beauty pageant to represent her country The Netherlands. She became 3th place in Miss Europe Continental 2017 and participated in Miss Eco International.
In 2018, ‘Ligny’ met former national director ‘Hamdi Mahouk’. Because of the good connection they have together and the many experiences and contacts that ‘Ligny’ has in the fashion world, ‘Mahouk’ decided to work together with ‘Ligny’. Currently ‘Ligny’ is doing most of the management and organization within The Miss & Mister International Models pageant.