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Who we are

We would like to introduce MMIM to you. MMIM is a Belgian modeling agency linked to a major fashion event, which, in addition to casting models, is also linked to international pageants. MMIM stands for everything that is fashion. You can contact us for complete packages for photo shoots, fashion shows and events, such as make up artists, photographers, models, location, stylists, videographers, creative directors, directing team, etc. We can arrange everything for our customers. Do you already have a team and are you looking for a good model? Then you can also contact MMIM.

Every year, MMIM organizes a big fashion weekend in the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. The MMIM fashion weekend is a large two-day event where about 3000 guests enjoy major fashion shows, sales stands, 4-course dinners, live entertainment by high-quality artists and a model competition with after party. During this event, brands and designers get the chance to put their collection in the spotlight. During these fashion shows, the professional models of MMIM will show their collection to the audience. Also people at home can watch the show online via a live stream.

We close our fashion weekend with our Miss & Mister pageant. We send our winners to the biggest international pageants: Man Of The World, Mister Model International, Mister International, Manhunt International, Mister Supranational, Mister Grand International, Mister Global for the men. And for the women; Miss Eco International, Miss Eco Teen International, Miss Supranational, Miss Jungle International. Abroad, our national winners compete against dozens of other misses and misters (from different countries) for the international main titles.

Our mission

The Miss & Mister International Models organization offers a trajectory in which the chosen finalists learn all the tricks of the modeling and media profession. The experience within our trajectory offers personal growth, professionalism to become inspiring leaders and role models and also creates new opportunities for success. The finalists chosen by our organization are potential models/actors/presenters/television personalities who, in addition to their outward beauty and own personal goals, actively engage with humanitarian issues and have a voice for positive betterment in the world.

MMIM strives for quality and within 2 years MMIM has grown into the largest national election in Europe. This allows us to guarantee quality for our models, but also for our customers.


Nationaal directeur: Hamdi Mahouk

Hamdi Mahouk was elected as Mister Adventure Benelux in 2018 and received national titles in addition to this title; Mister Sympathy, Manhunt International Belgium, Mister International Belgium and Mister Model Belgium. Mahouk himself competed in the international finals of Mister International, Manhunt International and Mister Model in which he won the international title Mister Best Model Europe. As a result, he started a modeling career and currently still works as a model nationally and abroad. Because of the experiences and the many trips, “Mahouk” has been able to make a lot of national and international contacts in the fashion world.

‘Mahouk’ who originally graduated as an entrepreneur, saw a great opportunity to start his own election and, in collaboration with his many connections, make Miss & Mister International Models a great success.

Manager & organisator: Judith Ligny

Born under the full name Judith de Wilde de Ligny, Judith Ligny was scouted on the street in Amsterdam in 2013 as a model and has since worked as a professional model and presenter. Ligny studied fashion and after graduating she started working full-time as a model abroad. Ligny is registered both nationally and internationally with various fashion agencies. Besides being a model, ‘Ligny’ is also miss and she has several national titles to her name. ‘Ligny’ has been to international pageants twice to represent the Netherlands. For example, she finished 3rd in Miss Europe Continental in 2017 and went to Miss Eco International in 2018.

In 2018, ‘Ligny’ gets to know former national director ‘Hamdi Mahouk’. Because of the good bond they have together and the many experience and contacts that ‘Ligny’ has in the fashion world, ‘Mahouk’ has decided to work together and ‘Ligny’ is currently taking on a large part of the management and organization of MMIM. www.judithligny.com

Company info

Miss & Mister International Models is gevestigd in Temse, België. BTW nummer: BE0728479896