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We would like to introduce MMIM to you. MMIM is a modeling agency linked to a major fashion event. Every year, MMIM organizes a large fashion weekend event in the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. The MMIM fashion weekend is a large two-day event where about 3000 guests enjoy major fashion shows, sales stands, 4-course dinners, live entertainment by high-quality artists and finally a model competition with after party. During this event, companies get the chance to put their brand in the spotlight. To give you an example: Your products can be displayed during a fashion show, your commercial video can be played on large LED screens, your products can be sold through an sales booth, so that your brand can be shown to the live audience and to the people watching at home via a livestream. There are many other promotion channels available within the MMIM concept. We have already worked out most of it in the above file, so take a look! Your company does not have to be fashion related to be able to collaborate with MMIM. Our promotional packages are extensive and available for all types of companies. The audience present at our event is also completely diverse because of the modeling competition that is linked to the event. Most of the audience are family members and guests of the models, which means that the audience is very diverse in terms of age, gender and interests.

The power of MMIM is that MMIM organizes a modeling competition in which 80 models compete for major international titles every year. These 80 models promote our partners on their social media accounts. As a result, MMIM has a large reach and therefore can put all our partners in the spotlight, so that they receive the necessary attention on social media.

MMIM also offers complete packages for photo shoots or campaigns with your company/product, fashion shows and events. Do you already have a team and are you looking for a good model? Then you can also contact MMIM. We have both commercial and fashion models in various shapes and sizes. Our models are professionally trained and can therefore be widely used for various purposes. Do you want to promote your company? Write MMIM and we’ll take care of the rest!

MMIM is a young, creative and diverse team that stands for quality and is therefore personally involved with its customers. Our customers can count on our services 24/7.

Are you interested in any of the above? And is your company interested in a collaboration with MMIM? Then we would like to meet with you!

This way we can look together at how we can collaborate on creative ideas to put your company in the spotlight. We can put together a ready-made promotional package for your company to ensure that your company receives the necessary attention.

Watch the video below and contact us via the website.